I Want to Dec-o-rate You...

I was thinking about cookies yesterday and also how some cookies look so much better than others. I mean, my chocolate chip cookies taste pretty darned good, but they don’t look as gorgeous as some of the chocolate chip cookies I’ve seen. Even if they taste better (yes, I am a firm believer of my chocolate chip cookies).

Maybe some bakers (mass produced or otherwise) tend to go for looks more than actual taste? I mean, a Chips AhoyTM Cookie looks pretty tasty, but it’s not a good as one straight from the oven. And some of these bakeries have pretty cookies with ‘meh’ taste.

Since I’ve been baking, I usually care more about the content of my goodies than the final execution. When things come out looking pretty – I find that to be a bonus, and as a result am a little happier with the outcome. Not that I get to enjoy them looking pretty for long. (Can I toot my own horn any louder?)

So I was thinking, that since the weather has been really nice lately and although it’s heresy to say I’d rather be outside drinking a beer than inside baking a 3-tier cake, I’m also thinking about presentation.

One thing that would be great is to maybe take a class or two on decorating – that way I am not only outside and meeting other baking-minded people, but I’m learning to make my cookies, cakes and cream puffs cute! (The alliteration was intentional.)

I think I just might do it!

Updates of my decorating prowess will be posted in the future, so stay tuned!
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