Inspiration - Pt. 2

Due to my current lack of baking thanks to my increasingly busy schedule, I’ve been eating other people’s baked goods.

Last night it was torrone from Modern Pastry. I don’t like nougat, BUT – this place makes me a nougat-lover. I have a long-distance relationship with the nougat from this shop as I live in NYC and my wonderful nougat is housed in the shop in Boston, MA. I was up in Boston recently and came back with almost two pounds of the stuff. Yes, I know, I’m crazy.

There’s something about the texture and flavors of this particular torrone that makes it so melt-in-your mouth wonderful.

So I think I am going to be making something marshmallow related this weekend because nougat is marshmallows that had a lot more syrup and other goodies added to it.
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